Ultrasonic scanhead
  ‧ 專利名稱 Ultrasonic scanhead
  ‧ 專利證書號 8308645
  ‧ 專利權人 國立臺灣大學
  ‧ 專利國家
美國 (2010/1/8)
  ‧ 發明人/PI 李百祺,劉建宏,
  ‧ 單位 生醫電子與資訊學研究所
  ‧ 簡歷/Experience
技術摘要 / Our Technology:
An ultrasonic scanhead including an encoder, a pivot, a voice coil motor, and a transducer is provided. The encoder includes a fixed element and a rotary element. The rotary element is disposed at the fixed element and capable of rotating about a first axis. The pivot is through the encoder and capable of rotating with the rotary element. The pivot extends along a second axis and has a first end and a second end opposite to the first end. The voice coil motor includes a stator and a mover. The first end of the pivot is connected to the mover. The mover is capable of moving linearly along a third axis. The first axis, the second axis, and the third axis are substantially perpendicular to each other. The transducer is disposed at the second end of the pivot and capable of emitting an ultrasonic wave.

專利簡述 / Intellectual Properties:


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