recovery of doping concentration by laser annealing after Gate-formation process
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美國 (2016/07/14)
中國 (2016/10/25)
中華民國 (2016/10/25)
  ‧ 發明人/PI 劉致為,
  ‧ 單位 台積電-臺灣大學聯合研發中心
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於製作場效電晶體之方法中,由第一半導體材料所製成之鰭片式結構係形成,以使鰭片式結構從設置於基材上之隔離絕緣層突伸出。閘極結構係形成於鰭片式結構之一部分上,而定義出通道區域、源極區域和汲極區域於鰭片式結構中。於閘極結構形成後,雷射退火係進行於鰭片式結構上。 In a method of fabricating a field effect transistor, a fin structure made of a first semiconductor material is formed so that the fin structure protrudes from an isolation insulating layer disposed over a substrate. A gate structure is formed over a part of the fin structure, thereby defining a channel region, a source region and a drain region in the fin structure. After the gate structure is formed, laser annealing is performed on the fin structure.

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