Double-acting device for generating synthetic jets
  ‧ 專利名稱 雙動式合成噴流致動裝置及其應用
  ‧ 專利證書號 US7,984,751
US7,527,086 B2
  ‧ 專利權人 國立臺灣大學
  ‧ 專利國家
美國 (2004/07/20)
美國 (2009/03/25)
  ‧ 發明人 王安邦, 卓尼捷, 王怡華, 徐明璋,
The device has a piston (12) dividing a chamber into two sub-chambers (10A, 10B), and a control system connected to the chamber for controlling the piston to act reciprocatively. An input system is connected to the chamber for inputting working fluid (30a) to the chamber, and an output system is connected to the chamber outputting the fluid, where the working fluid is pushed and pulled by a reciprocating action of the piston.

The device provides an effective heat dissipation and better cooling effect, and exhibits a great flexibility in designs and applications, and is compact, economical and cost-effective, and eliminates the need for additional fluid outside a closed system of a zero-net-mass-flux jet.

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