Organic/inorganic compositive dispersant including inorganic clay and organic surfactant
  ‧ 專利名稱 含有機黏土及有機界面活性劑之有機/無機複合型分散劑
  ‧ 專利證書號 US 8,629,200
  ‧ 專利權人 國立臺灣大學
  ‧ 專利國家
美國 (2012/12/23)
  ‧ 發明人/PI 林江珍,陳威廷,許彥琦,邱智瑋,
  ‧ 單位 高分子科學與工程學研究所
  ‧ 簡歷/Experience
技術摘要 / Our Technology:
The present invention provides an organic/inorganic compositive dispersant and a method for producing the same. The compositive dispersant comprises a complex of inorganic clay and an organic surfactant. The compositive dispersant is produced by reacting inorganic clay with the organic surfactant in a solvent to generate a complex. The inorganic clay is layered or platelet. The organic surfactant is an anionic surfactant such as alkyl sulfates, or a nonionic surfactant such as octylphenol polyethoxylate and polyoxyethylene alkyl ether. The compositive dispersant may be used to produce electrolytes of a solar cell or to increase the hardness of an epoxy resin.

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