Quantum dot infrared photodetector
  ‧ 專利名稱
  ‧ 專利證書號 9520514
  ‧ 專利權人 國立臺灣大學
  ‧ 專利國家
美國 (2013/06/11)
  ‧ 發明人/PI 李嗣涔,李政暵,吳宗銘,
  ‧ 單位 電機工程學系
  ‧ 簡歷/Experience
技術摘要 / Our Technology:
A quantum dot infrared photodetector (QDIP) that can enhance the photocurrent to a greater level than the dark current and/or can be operated at high temperatures is disclosed. The quantum dot infrared photodetector comprises at least one quantum well stack and a plurality of quantum dot layers. The quantum well stack is disposed between the pluralities of quantum dot layers. The quantum well stack comprises two spacer layers and a carrier supplying layer. The carrier supplying layer is disposed between the spacer layers. When the quantum dot infrared photodetector is applied with two bias voltages respectively, the carrier supplying layer supplies carriers to the to quantum dot layers.

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