Outside-In:Visualizing out-of-sight ROIs in a 360 viedo using spatial PIP previews
  ‧ 專利名稱
  ‧ 專利證書號 I707306
  ‧ 專利權人 國立臺灣大學
  ‧ 專利國家
中華民國 (2018/03/06)
美國 (2018/06/19)
  ‧ 發明人/PI 陳炳宇,林湧達,廖以圻,鄧善元,鍾宜汝,詹力韋,
  ‧ 單位 聯發科技-臺大創新研究中心
  ‧ 簡歷/Experience
技術摘要 / Our Technology:
A method and an electronic device for enhancing efficiency of searching for a region of interest in a virtual environment are provided. The virtual environment includes a visible scene and an invisible scene. A picture-in-picture (PIP) is displayed in the visible scene as a directional guidance or distance hint related to the region of interest in the invisible scene, thereby saving time and enhancing efficiency of searching for the region of interest.

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臺大產學合作總中心 / Center of Industry-Academia Collaboration, NTU
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